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Photos and specs Stereo amplifier Chord Electronics MAXX

Description stereo amplifier, Chord Electronics MAXX

Stereo amplifier Chord Electronics MAXX apply to special compact Chordette series. Despite its small size, the model is fully integrated Hi-Fi amplifier that deliver high performance and low noise level.

On-Board Chord Electronics MAXX has a built-in DAC and Bluetooth receiver that supports A2DP, and aptX codec, which allows you to wirelessly listen to lossless files matching the sound quality is CD standard.

The original model has a box-shaped body with rounded sidewalls, which is made from a single piece of aluminum, and facilitates the removal of heat from the internal components. For additional cooling at the bottom has a built-in fan. On one of the panels has a metal handle, volume control, next to which is the source select button sound. To the right of the controller installed USB port (type B) for connection to PC, connection for external power supply (12 V/8 A/DC) and output socket (12V/DC), with which you can power other models from the line Chordette. On the left there are four gold-plated terminals to connect speakers and a Bluetooth antenna.

Unlike traditional large Chord, this amp works in class AB and has a progressive topology of circuits, comprised of MOSFET transistors with a vertical structure and a common outlet. The model uses 4-innovative transformer switching power supply with a frequency of 500 kHz. The device is equipped with a reliable system of automatic overload protection. If you accidentally turn the knob and reaching too high levels of signal that can damage speakers and bring the device out of action, special circuit limits the output level. To resume normal operation, simply turn the volume control back and forth. This eliminates the need for turning off and turning on the amplifier.

To Chord Electronics MAXX you can connect a regular computer or a special microcomputer Chordette Mogul. With this switching amplifier can be used as part of a multizone system with wireless streaming audio.

The model provides a capacity of 30 watts per channel at a load of 4 Ohms, has a wide frequency range and low output impedance. Accurate, detailed and dynamic sound Chord Electronics MAXX perfectly meets Hi-Fi standards, and the device weighs only 400 grams.

Features stereo amplifier, Chord Electronics MAXX

Robust housing-heat sink made of a solid piece of aluminum
Built-in DAC, external pulsed PSU with four transformers
Built-in Bluetooth receiver with aptX codec support

Features stereo amplifier, Chord Electronics MAXX

Output power2 x 30 W (4 Ohms, 0.05% THD)
Frequency range0.8 Hz – 46 kHz (8 Ohms, - 1 dB) 0.8 Hz – 77 kHz (8 Ohms, - 3 dB) 0.8 Hz – 39 kHz (4 Ohm - 1 dB) 0.8 Hz – 75 kHz (4 Ohms, - 3dB)
The signal-to-noise- 103 dB (A-weighted, two-thirds)
Channel separation- 80 dB
Output impedance0.03 Ohm
DAC16 bit/48 kHz
Built-in Bluetooth module with A2DP and aptXYes
InputsUSB port (type B, 16-bit/44.1 or 48 kHz)
Other switchingconnector for the PSU, the socket for the power supply of the connected devices (12), a socket for a Bluetooth antenna
The outputs on the speaker4 gold-plated screw terminals
The power supplyexternal, pulse, 12 V/8 A, DC
Dimensions (WxHxD)160x70x40 mm
Weight0.4 kg

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