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  • Stereo amplifier Chord Electronics CPM 3350
  • Stereo amplifier Chord Electronics CPM 3350

Description stereo amplifier, Chord Electronics CPM 3350

The model Chord CPM 3350 is the most powerful integrated amplifier in the original lineup. Section pre-amp and final stage of the device and separated based on construction of models such as CPA 3200E preamp and assistant SPM 1050.

The machine uses specially developed by Chord ultrahigh-frequency switching power supply with capacitors having small equivalent series resistance. This design is more efficient compared to conventional pulse BP, as they are able to provide a higher energy potential. Thanks to this technology integralni Chord CPM 3350 can handle even the most demanding speakers to generate power of 220 watts per channel at 8 Ohms or 360 watts per channel at 4 Ohms.

Another feature of this amplifier is that it allows you to change the sensitivity for each input (4 options are available gain), which will be useful when switching between different sources.

The model has an original signature design, in spectacular industrial style. The body is made of aluminum and to protect from vibration are the four chrome-plated cylindrical legs. In the right part of the front panel of the amplifier has a built-in display, showing the selected input, volume level, etc. to its Left are buttons to select inputs bus A or B. In the left part of the panel are knobs for setting volume and balance, between whom there is a miniature button power-on/transfer to the standby mode and LED indicator.

Amplifier the Chord CPM 3350 is equipped with a pair of balanced inputs and four RCA inputs. Recording and monitoring there are two independent loops. There is a preamp output that can be used independently or switch in the mode of simultaneous operation with the output amplifying cascades. In this mode when connecting additional assistant becomes available, the organization meaningful connection. To connect the speaker wires to the Chord CPM 3350 there are two pairs of gold-plated WBT terminals. The device is equipped with standard universal remote control.

Integralni Chord CPM 3350 provides a dynamic, open and detailed sound with great rhythm, the natural flow and smooth tonal balance.

Features stereo amplifier, Chord Electronics CPM 3350

High-efficiency switching power supply
The cascades split the preamp and power amplifier
The body is made of aluminum
The ability to adjust the sensitivity of inputs and the organization of bi-amp

Features stereo amplifier, Chord Electronics CPM 3350

Output power2 x 220 watts (8 Ohms), 2 x 360 W (4 Ohms), 2 x 520 watts (4 Ohms, peak)
Intermodulation distortion- 100dB (preamp section)
The signal-to-noise- 93 dB (preamp section), - 103 dB (power amp)
Frequency rangepreamp section: 2.5 Hz – 200 kHz (- 3dB); section of power amplifier: 0.8 Hz – 46 kHz (8 Ohms, - 1 dB) 0.8 Hz – 77 kHz (8 Ohms, - 3 dB) 0.8 Hz – 39 kHz (4 Ohm - 1 dB) 0.8 Hz – 75 kHz (4 Ohms, - 3dB)
The nominal gainall inputs are 4 options available gain on the choice
THDsection preamp: 10 Hz– 91 dB, 1 kHz– 93 dB, 10 kHz - 90 dB 20 kHz– 87 dB
Channel separationsection preamp: 10 Hz/90 dB, 1 kHz/90 dB, 10 kHz/90 dB, 20 kHz/85 dB, the section of power amplifier: - 75 dB
Channel balance0.01 dB (preamp section)
Input impedance94 ohms (XLR), 47 kOhm (RCA)
Output impedancesection pre-amplifier: 100 Ohms (Pre Out), the section of power amplifier: 0.03 Ohm
The gain (power amp)30 dB
Inputs2 balanced XLR, 6 RCA unbalanced
OutputsPre Out (RCA, gold plated, Teflon dielectric), 2 RCA output for recording
The outputs on the speaker4 gold plated WBT screw terminals
The power supplypulse
Remote controluniversal
Dimensions (WxHxD)420x140x355 mm
Weight19 kg

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