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Description stereo amplifier, Chord Electronics CPM 2650

Full Chord CPM 2650 amplifier based on a proprietary CPA 2500 preamplifier and SPM tips 650. The model has flexibility peculiar to her eldest brother in the series — integralnykh Chord CPM 3350.

The amplification section is based on proven proprietary technology, which is used in ultrahigh-frequency pulsed power supply. The PSU is equipped with capacitors with low equivalent series resistance and is more efficient compared to conventional designs of power sources, as it allows to save more energy potential. In the end, ensured a large supply of power and the ability of the amplifier to work even capricious in terms of impedance speakers. The amp delivers 120 watts per channel at 8 Ohms and 2 x 170 watts @ 4 Ohms.

The model is highly reliable and has a characteristic "Cordoba" conceptual design. It is made of aluminum 16-pound body can to Supplement the four available as an option Integra cylindrical legs that allow you to effectively deal with vibration. In the right part of the front panel is a display showing the volume level, selected input, etc. In the left part are the handles to adjust the volume and balance settings, between which is a mini-button power on/standby with led indicator. To the left of the display there are buttons to activate inputs bus A or B. For management integralnym Chord CPM 2650 used a regular universal remote that can work with the other components of the Chord.

The amplifier has two balanced and four unbalanced inputs and two loops for writing/monitoring with the ability to record one source and listen to another simultaneously. Includes switchable pre-output section, which can be used in the same section and reinforcement when connecting to it tips to organize biamping. Speaker: there are four superior screw terminals WBT.

The Chord CPM 2650 model demonstrates an open, detailed, rhythmic, dynamic and natural sound with a proper tonal balance and impressive depth.

Features stereo amplifier, Chord Electronics CPM 2650

High efficient power supply unit
The split section of the preamplifier and power amplifier
Fully aluminum case
Switchable pre-outs, the ability to bi-amp

Features stereo amplifier, Chord Electronics CPM 2650

Output power2 x 120 watts (8 Ohms), 2 x 170 W (4 Ohm), 2 x 220 W (4 Ohms, peak)
Intermodulation distortion- 100dB (preamp section)
The signal-to-noise- 93 dB (preamp section), - 103 dB (power amp)
Frequency rangepreamp section: 2.5 Hz – 200 kHz (- 3dB); section of power amplifier: 0.8 Hz – 46 kHz (8 Ohms, - 1 dB) 0.8 Hz – 77 kHz (8 Ohms, - 3 dB) 0.8 Hz – 39 kHz (4 Ohm - 1 dB) 0.8 Hz – 75 kHz (4 Ohms, - 3dB)
THDsection preamp: 10 Hz– 91 dB, 1 kHz– 93 dB, 10 kHz - 90 dB 20 kHz– 87 dB
Channel separationsection preamp: 10 Hz/90 dB, 1 kHz/90 dB, 10 kHz/90 dB, 20 kHz/85 dB, the section of power amplifier: - 80 dB
Channel balance0.01 dB (preamp section)
Input impedance94 ohms (XLR), 47 kOhm (RCA)
Output impedancepreamp section: 470 Ohms (Pre Out), the section of power amplifier: 0.03 Ohm
Gain30 dB
Inputs2 balanced XLR (Neutrik), 6 unbalanced RCA
OutputsPre Out (RCA, gold plated, Teflon dielectric), 2 RCA output for recording
The outputs on the speaker4 gold plated WBT screw terminals
The power supplypulse
Remote controluniversal
Dimensions (WxHxD)420x135x355 mm
Weight16 kg

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