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  • Stereo amplifier Atoll IN 200SE
  • Stereo amplifier Atoll IN 200SE

Description stereo amplifier, Atoll IN 200SE

Integrated stereo amplifier Atoll IN 200SE has an audiophile dual mono design, with twin toroidal power transformers for each channel. The total capacitance of the capacitors in the power supply is 62,000 UF. The unit develops 120 watts per channel when you connect an 8 Ohm speaker systems, and increases the output power up to 2 x 200 W into 4-Ohm speakers, which indicates a good energy potential of its power supply.

The amplifier circuit is fully symmetrical, and output stages installed dual MOSFET transistors, taken at identical parameters. The unit has five line-level outputs, direct input for inclusion in a home theater environment, as well as the outputs from the preamp for implementing dohovorylas scheme of connection of loudspeakers. There is also an output for connecting a recording device. Instead of one of the line inputs Atoll IN 200SE can be upgraded with the optional Phono stage for turntable connection. All the sockets on the rear panel are gold plated contact surfaces.

The amplifier has digital control, implemented on a dedicated microprocessor, and switching of an audio signal performed at a precision relay. Using the buttons on the front panel you can configure the modes of operation IN Atoll 200SE, in addition, the unit is complete with fully functional remote control. To control the operation of the amplifier, you can use the display with large and clear display
Front panel Atoll IN 200SE made of aluminum sheet with a thickness of 8 mm, and its steel chassis has a thickness of 1.5 mm. This, in conjunction with antiresonant feet, provides reliable protection of the electronic circuits of the amplifier from external vibrations.

Due to the high current output stages IN Atoll 200SE is compatible with almost any speaker systems and are able to provide serious sound pressure-even in large spaces. This device is perfect for listening to music of almost any genre, and is a good choice for audiophiles seeking quality sound without excessive material costs.

Features stereo amplifier Atoll IN 200SE

Aluminium front panel of 8 mm thick steel and anti-resonance chassis thick 1.5 mm
Fully symmetrical circuit using discrete components
Two pairs of MOSFET per channel in the output stage
Toroidal transformers with a capacity of 330 VA each, the configuration "dual mono"
Input By-pass
The remote control included

Characteristics of the stereo amplifier Atoll IN 200SE

Power2 x 120 watts (8 Ohms)
2 x 200 watts (4 Ohms)
Pulse power180 W
Frequency range5 Hz - 100 kHz
Sensitivity100 mV
Input impedance220 Ohm
The signal-to-noise100 dB
THD0.05% of
Capacitance62000 UF
Connectors5 x RCA input, input By-pass, 2 pre-output for subwoofer, 2 x output acoustics
Sizes440 x 90 x 280 mm
Weight13 kg

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