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  • Stereo amplifier Arcam FMJ A39
  • Stereo amplifier Arcam FMJ A39

Description stereo amplifier, Arcam FMJ A39

Integrated amplifier Arcam FMJ A39 embodies many of the corporate developments that the company has accumulated 40 years of experience in the Hi-Fi industry. The device has a recognizable design with a characteristic right-sided placement of the power button. Strict minimalism of the front panel highlights the number buttons for direct source selection and control other functions. The amplifier is equipped with a display with a large display, readable from a distance, and using the rotary knob you can adjust the volume and configure stereoballs. The unit is complete with a fully functional remote control.

The amplifier operates in a patented G-class and is able to give to the load a great deal of power. He is able to develop up to 120 watts when connecting 8 Ohm speakers and 240 watts when operating on 4-omnye AC. The first 20 watts of output power Arcam FMJ A39 produces in class a, so at low volume the sound of the car will be extremely smooth and musical. The audio section of the amplifier has very low total harmonic distortion and provides an extremely detailed and balanced sound in a wide frequency range. Output stages Arcam FMJ A39 performed on a specially matched transistor pairs, and the PSU is mounted toroidal transformer with large power. The chassis of the vehicle has cushioning that protects the electronic circuits from any external mechanical vibrations and DAMPS resonances that may occur when the speaker on high.

Arcam FMJ A39 equipped with seven inputs for line sources (one of the inputs submitted by the 3.5 mm Jack located on front panel) and the entry for MM-pickups. The device also has an output to connect a recording device, the output from the preamp and plug for connecting the headphones. In addition, on the rear panel are USB and 3.5 mm jacks for supplying power to a compatible portable device, and trigger control connector. Arcam FMJ A39 equipped with screw terminals for connecting two pairs of speakers, or one pair under the scheme Bi-wiring.

Features stereo amplifier, Arcam FMJ A39

Two pairs of output speaker terminals
The combined gain in grade G (the first 20 watts are in class a)
MM input for the turntable

Features stereo amplifier, Arcam FMJ A39

Output power2 x 120 watts (8 Ohms), 2 x 240 watts (4 Ohms)
Frequency range20 - 20,000 Hz (line input /- 1 dB)
The ratio signal/noise more than 105 dB (line), 80 dB (Phono input)
THDless than 0.001% (1 kHz)
InputsPhono, 7линейных (one on front panel)
OutputsRec, Pre-Out, headphone, 4 pairs of speaker systems, 12-V trigger, USB (power only), mini-jack (power)
Adjustment of stereoballsthere
The sensitivity of the inputs5 mV (Phono), 1 (linear)
Input impedance47 kOhm/270 pF (Phono), 10 kOhm (linear)
Impedance headphones16 Ohms – 2 ohms
Overload margin MM input20 dB
Power consumption1000 watts (maximum)
Dimensions (WxHxD)433 x 425 x 100 mm
Weight11.5 kg

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