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  • Rega Osiris Stereo Amplifier
  • Rega Osiris Stereo Amplifier
  • Rega Osiris Stereo Amplifier
  • Rega Osiris Stereo Amplifier

Description stereo amplifier, Rega Osiris

The flagship model Rega Osiris is fully consistent with its preferred top-end reference status of the device class High End.

The case of this 25-pound amplifier is made of anodized aluminum and machined on CNC machines. Its side walls are hidden two of the cooler. The design of the facade composite, i.e. formed by the ends of the top cover and the base and inserts, between which is a polished panel with two-line display, two rectangular buttons of the input selector switch and stylish volume knob. At the junction in the left side mounted power switch, made in the form of an oblong key. When pressed, the led turns on with the company logo located in the lower part of the front panel. The kit includes universal aluminum remote control.

Symmetrical layout schemas corresponds to the principle of "dual mono". Used polyester capacitors Nichicon audiophile. Uses an input differential cascade (gascogny amplifier). In the output section installed eight transistors Sanken. The power supply includes two toroidal transformers with a capacity of 400 VA. They are mounted on the chassis in a special way, thanks to significantly reduced vibration and noise transmitted by them to the body. The transformers are combined with capacitors Rega K-Power, total capacity of 40,000 UF per channel. This capability helps to "Osiris" to cope with Moody acoustics and to develop a power of 162 watts per channel at 8 Ohms. Apply high speed rectifying diodes. Circuit passing the audio signal get a separate power supply, which significantly reduces distortion. The selector inputs, a display, a microcontroller for input relays and circuits protect the amplifier against overheating, short circuits and overloads also powered separately.

There is one balanced XLR and four RCA line inputs. There is a loop for recording and monitoring. There is a fixed input Direct Input that allows direct access to the terminal parts of the amplifier and will be in demand, for example, when using Osiris as the assistant to the frontal acoustics of the theatre system.

Handwriting Rega Osiris tends to sound tube amplifiers and reflects the concept of the company. His sound is carefully designed and is different density, depth and accurate tonal balance. The device impresses with its musicality and naturalness. The model matches perfectly with the CD player Rega Isis.

Features stereo amplifier, Rega Osiris

The power output 162 watts per channel (at 8 Ohms)
8 Sanken transistors in the output stage
Two toroidal transformer 400 VA
Fully balanced symmetrical layout diagrams, select components

Features stereo amplifier, Rega Osiris

Rated output power162 watts per channel (8 Ohms), 250 watts (4 Ohms)
Input sensitivity/input impedancebalanced input: 250 mV/10 kOhm; unbalanced inputs 2-5: 220 mV/22 kOhm; input Direct Input: 220 mV/50 kOhm
Gain (Direct Input)44 dB
The output level (output for recording at nominal level of the input signal)215 mV
Frequency range10 Hz - 75 kHz (-1,7/-3 dB)
THDless than 0.05% (22 Hz – 30 kHz)
Inputsbalanced XLR, four line RCA input Record Input (RCA) for monitor recording, the input Direct Input (RCA) for direct access to the target cascade of the amplifier
OutputsRCA for recording
The power supplytwo toroidal transformers with a capacity of 440 VA, the total capacity of the buffer capacitors to 40,000 µf per channel
The speakertwo pairs of gold-plated terminals
Volume controlpassive, motorized Alps Blue Velvet potentiometer
Used surface mount technologyYes
Power consumption560 W
Remote controlOsiris CDP, universal, aluminum case
Dimensions (WxHxD)434x122x350 mm
Weight25,6 kg

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