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Photos and specs Marantz PM7005 stereo amplifier

Review and test Marantz PM7005 stereo amplifier
  • Marantz PM7005 stereo amplifier
  • Marantz PM7005 stereo amplifier
  • Marantz PM7005 stereo amplifier
  • Marantz PM7005 stereo amplifier
  • Marantz PM7005 stereo amplifier

Description of Marantz PM7005 stereo amplifier

Integrated stereo amplifier Marantz PM7005 combines the latest digital audio technology and classic Hi-Fi solutions company. The device is manufactured in a metal enclosure with thick milled front panel, made in a simple symmetrical design. On the edges are the selector inputs and volume control, and the center knobs are tone control at low and high frequencies and stereoballs. Also there are several buttons for operation of the basic modes, the led indicator of the selected source and 6.3 mm Jack for connecting stereotipov.

Sound of Marantz PM7005 fully implemented on discrete elements (including the use of audiophile-grade components) and the modules HDAM current feedback. PCB both channels are completely symmetrical, which provides a good stereo image and minimal imbalance of their characteristics. The amplifier has an output of 2 x 60 W into 8 Ω, and for cooling of the output transistors used massive aluminum radiators. The power supply Marantz PM7005 built on the basis of a shielded transformer excess capacity, and its equipped with a quick-rectifiers Schottky diodes.

Marantz PM7005 features four line inputs and a built-in Phono stage for MM cartridges with very high settings. An interesting feature of this model that will surely appeal to many music lovers, is a built-in digital-to-analog Converter. Marantz PM7005 has optical and coaxial outputs, and a USB connector for connecting to a PC. Amplifier DAC based on CS4398 chip and is able to receive digital stream with parameters up to 24 bit / 192 kHz (USB input) data DSD (2.8 MHz and 5.6 MHz). DAC output and set the module HDAM-SA3, which provides accurate matching with the amplifying part of the apparatus. In the case of Marantz PM7005 only with analog sources, all digital circuits can be disabled, which provides lack of distortion and crosstalk.

Features of the Marantz PM7005 stereo amplifier

Optical, coaxial and USB inputs
Receiving a DSD stream (2.8 / 5.6 MHz) USB
Proprietary modules HDAM SA2 / SA3 in the amplifier cascade

Characteristics of the Marantz PM7005 stereo amplifier

The number of channels2
Output power60 W per channel (8 Ohms), 80 watts per channel (4 Ohms)
The damping ratio100
InputsPhono, 4 line, optical, coaxial, USB, Remote Control
Outputson the recording, on headphones, Remote Control, acoustics (screw terminals)
Input sensitivity/impedance200 mV/20 kOhm (line inputs), 2 mV / 47 kOhm (Phono input)
The accuracy of the RIAA correction /- 0,5 dB
Frequency range5 Hz - 100 kHz ( /-3 dB, CD input)
Voices± 10 dB, 50 Hz (bass), ± 10 dB, 15 kHz (treble)
The signal-to-noise104 dB (line in), 85 dB (Phono input)
DACCS4398 (24bit/192kHz)
HDAM modules SA2, SA3
Mode direct feed audioSource Direct
Digital stream (USB) DSD (2.8 / 5.6 MHz), PCM 24-bit / 192 kHz
Power consumption170 W in standby mode: 0.2 W
Dimensions (WxHxD)440x125x379 mm
Weight10 kg

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