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  • Luxman stereo amplifier L550AX
  • Luxman stereo amplifier L550AX
  • Luxman stereo amplifier L550AX
  • Luxman stereo amplifier L550AX

Description of Luxman stereo amplifier L550AX

Integrated stereo amplifier L550AX is part of a series X company Luxman, the model which is designed for the most demanding sound quality of music lovers. The amplifier works in pure class A, and manufactured using the most superior components, and also a number of proprietary technologies Luxman.

Externally, the device looks just gorgeous. Thick front panel made of brushed aluminum decorated with a large pair of arrow indicators output power, the backlight which can be turned off. The amp provides the tone control for bass and treble, stereoblonde, there is a switch for two pairs of speakers. The power supply used transformer of the same design as in the top-end power amplifiers of the company. The total capacitance of filter capacitors of the source is 40,000 µf. The unit develops 20 watts per channel when connecting 8 Ohm speakers, and 40 watts when working into 4-Ohm speakers. For Luxman L550AX there is no "difficult" loudspeakers, and he would be able to rock even the biggest floor model.

Patented circuit volume control with electronic control provides smooth characteristics of the signal in the absence of pulses, and minimum distortion for any value. Constant output impedance of the regulator positively affects the stability of the following cascades. Another proprietary technology used in Luxman L550AX, ODNF (Only Distortion Negative Feedback) version 3.0, is a negative feedback, designed to reduce the level of nonlinear distortions, without affecting other characteristics of the amplifier.

Luxman L550AX has a built-in Phono stage for MM and MC pickups, four linear unbalanced and one balanced inputs, input/output for connecting a recording device, the output from the preamplifier and direct input to the power amp, headphone output. Reliable screw connectors in transparent enclosures for speaker systems built "in line" at the bottom of the rear panel for easy connection of the cables.

Features stereo amplifier, Luxman L550AX

The balanced input
The output from the preamp/power amp
Connectors for two pairs of speakers

Features stereo amplifier, Luxman L550AX

Output power 2 x 20 watts (8 Ohms). 2 x 40 watts (4 Ohm)
Inputs 4 linear RCA, XLR, MM/MC-cartridge, for recording, to a power amplifier
OutputsPreOut, headphone, record
Frequency range20 Hz – 100 kHz (- 3 dB)
The ratio signal/noisemore than 105 dB
Total harmonic distortionless than 0.005%
Dimensions 439 x 193 x 465 mm
Weight 28,1 kg

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