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Photos and specs Cambridge Audio stereo amplifier CXA 80

Review and test Cambridge Audio stereo amplifier CXA 80
  • Cambridge Audio stereo amplifier CXA 80
  • Cambridge Audio stereo amplifier CXA 80
  • Cambridge Audio stereo amplifier CXA 80
  • Cambridge Audio stereo amplifier CXA 80

Description stereo amplifier, Cambridge Audio CXA 80

Integrated amplifier Cambridge Audio CXA 80 has a design similar to the younger model, but develops an increased power output, and also has advanced features. The device is manufactured in a metal housing with thick front panel made of aluminum, which contains all the necessary controls, as well as handy indicators. There are also jacks for headphones and portable source, and besides the volume control, you can also configure stereoballs and tone in the low and high frequencies.

Cambridge Audio CXA 80 operates in the classic class A/B, and its output stages emit a lot of heat. For its effective drain on the top panel of the amplifier provides a large ventilation window, closed by a protective grid. Both channels CXA 80 are mounted on separate circuit boards to exclude cross-talk, including the use of individual cooling radiators (the principle of "dual mono"). In the power supply of the amplifier there is a large toroidal transformer whose design is optimized for use in audio equipment. To power each channel there are separate secondary winding, own rectifier diodes and filtering capacitors. Tracing of printed circuit boards of the amplifier is designed so as to reduce the length of the chains of transmission of the audio signal.

Cambridge Audio CXA 80 is equipped with four line inputs (in addition to located on the front panel) and also has the preamp outputs for connecting external amplifier and subwoofer. A feature of this apparatus is the presence of the internal DAC and on chip Wolfson WM8740, and three digital inputs: two optical, coaxial and USB. The latter works in asynchronous mode and designed to receive the digital data stream with parameters up to 24 bit / 192 kHz. In addition, CXA 80 you can connect the optional Bluetooth module BT100 with support for the aptX codec.

The amplifier is designed to connect two pairs of speakers and comes with a remote control.

Features stereo amplifier, Cambridge Audio CXA 80

DAC Wolfson WM8740
Optical and coaxial inputs, an asynchronous USB input
Toroidal transformer in the power supply
USB port for optional Bluetooth module BT100

Features stereo amplifier, Cambridge Audio CXA 80

Output power2 x 80 watts (8 Ohms), 2 x 120 W (4 Ohm)
Frequency range5 Hz - 60 kHz ( /- 1dB)
THDless than 0.02% (20 Hz – 20 kHz, 80% power output)
Inputs4 RCA, 2 optical, coaxial, USB, mini-jack 3.5 mm (front panel)
Outputswith the preamp, subwoofer, headphone, 2 pairs speakers
AdditionallyUSB-connector Bluetooth transmitter BT100, entrance and exit management system
DAC24 bit / 192 kHz Wolfson WM8740
USB input PCM 16-24 bit / 44,1 – 192 kHz
Power consumption750 W
Dimensions (WxHxD)115 x 430 x 341 mm
Weight8.7 kg

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