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  • Cambridge Audio stereo amplifier CXA 60
  • Cambridge Audio stereo amplifier CXA 60

Description stereo amplifier, Cambridge Audio CXA 60

Integrated amplifier Cambridge Audio CXA 60 made in a metal case with aluminum front panel of considerable thickness. In its center is the control unit and display unit, and the handle on the right is designed to perform several functions. In addition to the large arm adjust the volume on the basis of the variable resistor Alps there are also miniature regulators stereoballs and the sound tone in the low and high frequencies. From the opposite side of the front panel has headphone Jack and auxiliary input for portable sources on the connector mini-jack. The amplifier comes with a remote control.

The amplifier has a massive toroidal transformer audiophile-grade speaker that is mounted in the center anti-resonant chassis. The device operates in class A/B, which implies a significant heating of its output stages. For the most efficient cooling they are mounted on massive heat sinks, which are separate for left and right channels. Cambridge Audio CXA 60 has an output of 2 x 60 W at a load resistance of 8 Ohms, and 2 x 90 watts when you connect 4-Ohm speakers, which indicates a high output current of the device. Thus, the apparatus can cope with the use of speakers with a complex characteristic impedance. The whole amplifier circuit is made symmetrical for better separation of stereo channels and minimize crosstalk.

Cambridge Audio CXA 60 includes inputs for five line sources (four input RCA jacks on the rear panel and one on the connector 3.5 mm mini-jack on the front), as well as optical and coaxial inputs. Built-in amplifier DAC based on Wolfson WM8740 chip, and is capable of receiving a signal with parameters up to 24 bit / 192 kHz. In addition, the device has a USB connector to which you can connect a Bluetooth receiver BT100 (sold separately), with support of the aptX enhanced audio codec. With reliable screw terminals to the amplifier, you can connect two pairs of speakers, which are selected using the buttons on the front panel. CXA 60 also has an output of preamplifier, and a connector for connecting an active subwoofer.

Features stereo amplifier, Cambridge Audio CXA 60

DAC Wolfson WM8740
Optical and coaxial inputs
Toroidal transformer in the power supply
USB port for optional Bluetooth module BT100

Features stereo amplifier, Cambridge Audio CXA 60

Output power2 x 60 watts (8 Ohms), 2 x 90 watts (4 Ohm)
Frequency range5 Hz to 60000 Hz ( /- 1 dB)
THDless than 0.02% (20 Hz – 20 kHz, 80% power output)
Inputs4 RCA, 2 optical, coaxial, 3.5 mm mini-jack (front panel)
Outputswith the preamp, subwoofer, headphone, 2 pairs speakers
DAC24 bit / 192 kHz Wolfson WM8740
AdditionallyUSB-connector Bluetooth transmitter BT100, entrance and exit management system
Power consumption600 watts
Dimensions (WxHxD)115 x 430 x 341 mm
Weight8,3 kg

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