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Photos and specs Cambridge Audio CXA60 Integrated Amplifier Black


The integrated Cambridge Audio CXA 60 amplifier is executed in the metal case with the aluminum forward panel of considerable thickness. In its center there is a control unit and indications, and the handle is intended for accomplishment of several functions on the right. Except the large handle of volume control based on the variable Alps resistor here too there are tiny regulators of stereobalance and a timbre of a sound in the field of low and high frequencies. From the counter party on the forward panel are located the socket for connection of earphones and an additional entrance for portable sources on the mini-jack socket. The amplifier is completed with a remote control.
The amplifier is equipped with the massive toroidal transformer of an audiofilsky class which is mounted in the center of the anti-resonant chassis. The device works in the class A/B that assumes considerable heating of its output cascades. For the most effective chilling they are mounted on massive radiators, separate for the left and right channels. Cambridge Audio CXA 60 develops capacity 2 x 60 W in case of resistance of loading of 8 Ohms, and 2 x 90 W in case of connection the 4-omnykh of columns that speaks about high output current of the device. Thus, the device will cope with work with the columns possessing the difficult characteristic of an impedance. All scheme of the amplifier is executed symmetric for the best separation of stereochannels and minimization of cross hindrances.


Cambridge Audio CXA 60 is equipped with entrances for five linear sources of a signal (four entrances on RCA sockets on the back panel and one on the mini-jack socket of 3,5 mm on a lobby), and also optical and coaxial entrances. The built-in TsAP of the amplifier is constructed based on Wolfson WM8740 chip, and is capable to accept a signal with parameters to 24 bits / 192 kHz. Besides, the device has the USB socket to which it is possible to connect Bluetooth-receiver BT100 (it is purchased separately), with support of the improved aptX audiocodec. By means of reliable screw plugs it is possible to connect two couples to the amplifier the EXPERT which choice is made by means of buttons on the forward panel. Also CXA 60 is equipped with an exit from a preamplifier, and the socket for connection of an active subwoofer.
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