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Yamaha R-N500 network stereoreceiver
This high-productive network Hi-Fi the audio system is capable to reproduce a wide range of sources of a sound, including network audio, with unsurpassed quality of a sound. To services appendix of management for easy working capacity, and also has the built-in digital entrance nests for use of TV and many other things.

Enjoy all range of all your favourite modern musical sources.
Yamaha R-N500 is the receiver and audio a network player in a whole. You can use it with ease to reproduce audio of sources, loaded from the Internet and is stored on the PC or NAS of system. Or, to enjoy stream musical services and Internet radio (with vTuner). Moreover, Yamaha original NP Controller appendix allows to enjoy favourite melodies on the device of the smartphone or the tablet by means of wireless connection.

Listen Internet radio stations from around the world and music in stream access.
Support a database of station of radio vTuner allows sampling of Internet radio around the world, being connected to the Internet through a local network. Besides, support of stream audio allows to take pleasure in a wide choice of musical content.
* Are available with the help future updating of an insertion. Availability of services depends on regions.

NP Controller App allows to manage from the smartphone or the tablet
To download the convenient Yamaha NP controler in App and to use it for viewing of musical sources on the display of your intelligent device, and even to look through information of a song and covers of albums. Moreover, it has MusicPlay function which allows to listen to music listened without choosing other appendix. We will combine from the smartphone or the tablet, but also gives you control over a network and other parameters.

AirPlay are compatible.
Yamaha R-N500 includes complete compatibility with AirPlay-so, you receive convenience of wireless reproduction of music from your Mac, IPod, iPhone or IPad, and also with the PC.

FLAC or WAV of 192kgts/24-bits Reproduction of audio.
Compatibility with reproduction FLAC/WAV 192kHz/24bit is built in that to you sound accuracy with a rich expressive force that it is possible only with sources high permission. Yamaha of technology were enhanced for many years provide high stability and reliability.

Digital audioentrance for the player the TV or Blu-Ray
Yamaha R-N500 is equipped for a digital audioentrance - with optical and coaxial terminals. Optical the player is intended for acceptance of a sound from the TV, and coaxial for receipt of audio from Blu-Ray. The sound all the same remains in a digital form that gives you net, untouched a dynamic sound for all your sources of entertainment, from sports and other programs for movies and concerts.


USB digital connection for Ipod, iPhone, the IPAD and USB device
Yamaha R-N500 provides USB port on the forward panel for fast connection dock, iPhone, IPad or USB a stick. You have an instant access to all yours to store music and digital connection guarantees that you hear it with the greatest possible quality of a sound.

ToP-ART Sound Design of quality and high-quality details.
In total in Yamaha R-N500 it was constructed for ensuring the maximum performance and high quality. The internal design uses simple, direct transfer of signals providing of optimum separation, elimination of noise and misstatements, and is net reproduction of a sound. It includes two independent power supplies for two sources of a sound, analog and digital, and also original ToP-ART of the Yamaha company (All purity of reproduction of a sound technology) and St the Basic chassis of construction fully to protect sound signals from noise and vibration. Besides, all parts and materials were carefully selected and checked to be convinced that they only best quality so all of them work together to provide the best a sound.

The Pure Direct mode for bigger purity of a sound.
Attraction of Pure Direct the switch causes a sound signal bypassing chains of management for low and high frequencies, balance and back the amplifier of the buffer. It improves quality of a sound when preserving full output capacity. Reducing a route of a signal improves purity of a sound, helping to reproduce even the most delicate of musical nuances.

Besstupenchaty management loudness
Yamaha R-N500 also has the separate regulator of loudness on the forward panel which allows to regulate effect loudness at will. Separately from total amount, it controls balance of low and high frequencies of sounds that provides the complete range of tones in case of any level of loudness, offsets natural losses in a human ear of high and low frequencies, in case of soft levels.
About beautifully idle time and unique design I inherited directly from components of the Yamaha HiFi company audio-, R-N500 can also brag of a lung in operation an arrangement of buttons. The aluminum forward panel has richly textured finishing by silver of hair. Handles of management from the same the magnificent designs used on ours of top models. Both inside, and outside, everything about R-N500 shows our commitment excellent design and convenience in work.

Eco Mode and expectations of Auto Power.
Yamaha R-N500 has the ECO mode which lowers an energy consumption approximately by 20% *, and Function of an automatic waiting mode which can be established to switch off food in 2, 4, 8 or 12 hours.
* In comparison with energy consumption in case of EKO the switched-off mode (measurement Yamaha).


Other opportunities of Yamaha R-N500
• The socket for a subwoofer
• Phono MM the terminal for reproduction of the vinyl
• The selector of loudspeakers and terminals of loudspeakers for two systems
• Screw terminals of loudspeakers
• 40 FM/AM stations preset
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