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The description of Yamaha R-N301 a network receiver with AirPlay function support Yamaha R-N301 — a receiver and a network audioplayer in one device. With its help it is possible to reproduce without effort the audiocontent downloaded from the Internet and which is stored in the PC or network storage or to listen to stream musical services and Internet radio (with support of vTuner). Besides, the appendix NP CONTROLLER of own development of Yamaha allows to listen to favourite music from the smartphone or the tablet with use of wireless connection.


Listen to Internet radio stations and use access to stream reproduction of music Support of such services of stream reproduction of music as, for example, Spotify and Pandora, allows to use a set of kinds of musical content. Moreover, support of a database of vTuner radio stations gives the chance selectively to listen to transfers of Internet radio from around the world, having connected to the Internet on a local network.
* Well after future updating of the built-in software. Availability of this or that service depends on the region.

The appendix NP CONTROLLER allows to carry out transactions of management from the smartphone or the tablet. Download the convenient application NP CONTROLLER from Yamaha and use it for viewing of musical sources and even names of compositions and covers of albums on the display of the mobile intelligent device. Besides, appendix contains the MusicPlay function allowing to perform stream reproduction of music without transition to other appendix. Compatible to the smartphone or the tablet, it also allows to perform network and other tunings.



AirPlay function support
The network receiver of R-N301 covers practically all protocols of stream reproduction of music. Here also complete compatibility with AirPlay enters — it means that you can perform wireless reproduction of music from your iPod, iPhone or iPad, and also from the Mac or PC computer.

Reproduction in the FLAC or WAV format of 192 kHz / 24 bit
The FLAC and WAV formats of 192 kHz / 24 bit, the providing such accuracy, a saturation and expressiveness of sounding which are possible only when using carriers of high resolution are supported. The Yamaha technologies enhanced for many years guarantee the highest stability and reliability of reproduction in any available format.

Digital audioentrances for the TV and the player of the disks Blu-ray
The receiver is equipped with digital audioentrances of optical and coaxial types. The optical socket is intended for acceptance of an audiosignal from the TV, and coaxial — from the player of the disks Blu-ray. The signal remains in digital area, and it provides net, created for the first time dynamic sounding from any source: from sports and other programs to movies and concerts.

Exit of a direct current for separately acquired YBA-11 or YWA-10 adapter
The receiver has an exit of a direct current for connection of wireless Bluetooth®-receiver of audiosignals of YBA-11 or WiFi-adapter YWA-10. It allows to perform easily wireless stream reproduction of music from iPhone and similar devices and to create the network environment.

High output capacity — 100 W ? 2
R-N301 receiver, having the output capacity which is beyond this class in 100 W * ? 2, has a design which thanks to the shortest alarm paths and optimized circuit configuration provides high quality of sounding. The arrangement of the power transformer near the scheme of the amplifier of capacity reduces capacity losses, at the same time increasing efficiency of the power supply and the most achievable loudness. Chains of signaling and the power unit are grounded in one point at the expense of what emergence of mutual hindrances is excluded and higher relation signal/noise is reached. As a result sounding becomes rather accurate and open.
* 8 Ohms, 40 Hz – 20 kHz, KNI of 0,2%

Idle time, the thought-over design
The receiver has the idle time and at the same time thought over design executed in style for which the high quality audio equipment of Yamaha is famous. Elegant finishing in the form of thin "hair" lines perfectly is in harmony with other audiocomponents of the class HiFi. Buttons and handles show our commitment to simplicity of design and use.


Energy saving
Management function by food automatically cuts supply of electricity (switches the device in a waiting mode) if no transactions of control of the amplifier are carried out for a long time. Function can be adjusted for 2, 4, 8, 12 or 20 hours or to disconnect. The capacity consumed in a waiting mode makes only 0,1 W thanks to what the considerable economy of the electric power is reached.

Other important features of Yamaha R-N301 a network receiver with AirPlay function support
• Screw plugs for speaker systems
• Remote control of a simple design
• Possibility of a choice of speaker systems A, B or A + B
• Preliminary setup on 40 radio stations of the range of FM or AM
• The socket for earphones
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