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The integrated stereophonic Rotel RA-10 amplifier is assembled in the case of small height, and has the classical design for equipment of this class developed still in the early eighties the last century. On the center of its forward panel the large regulator of loudness to the left of which there are switched-off timbre regulators in the field of low and high frequencies, and also the switchboard for two couples connected speaker systems is located. On the other hand there is a stereobalance regulator, the mode switch work of an entrance for the recorder, and the selector of sources of a signal. Also not the forward panel there are 3,5-mm sockets for connection of stereoearphones and a portable player. In total it is possible to connect four linear sources of a signal, the recorder (input and output), and the M-sound pickup of the player of vinyl disks to Rotel RA-10. The regulated exit from a preamplifier is also provided, using which it is possible to connect to Rotel RA-10 the external amplifier of capacity. There are an entrance and an exit of the managing 12-volt trigger, and high-quality screw plugs for connection of four couples speaker systems.
Quality of production of Rotel RA-10 very high, all governing bodies have the pleasant working course, and quality of finishing of the forward panel doesn't leave a place for criticism.


The amplifier develops rather modest output capacity in 40 W on the canal, however, thanks to the high-quality power unit and silnotochny output cascades well copes even with large floor acoustics. However it is excessive to overload Rotel RA-10 isn't necessary, and it is better to connect columns with the difficult characteristic of an impedance to it according to the dvukhkusilitelny scheme, having used an additional okonechnik. General nature of sounding of Rotel RA-10, very dynamic, rhythmic exact, with almost neutral voice-frequency balance and an extended stereopicture, for certain will be pleasant to many music lovers.
The amplifier is equipped by quite high-quality phonoproofreader with which possesses good compatibility with MM sound pickups of popular brands, a minimum level of own noise, and provides exact RIAA correction.
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