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  • Amplifier Marantz PM5005
  • Amplifier Marantz PM5005
  • Amplifier Marantz PM5005

Description stereo amplifier, Marantz PM5005

Integrated amplifier Marantz PM5005 is one of the latest updates of catalogue of the company. Metal case with Marantz PM5005 curly thick aluminum front panel equipped with voltage support. The device has a recognizable symmetrical design of the front panel, the edges of which are the same handles input selector and volume control. There are also knobs to adjust the sound tone for low and high frequencies as well as stereoballs. Among other features of the amplifier it is possible to note the direct feed audio bypassing the auxiliary circuits, the circuit loudness switch two pairs of speakers, and output for headphone. The amplifier is equipped with full-function remote control, the design of which was completely renewed compared to the previous model. Exterior finish of the Marantz PM5005 can be black or silver/Golden.

On the rear panel of the device there are inputs for three line level signal input for connecting a MM cartridge the turntable and two sets of inputs/outputs for recording devices. It has input/output for remote control system, as well as screw terminals for two pairs of speakers.

Amplifier Marantz PM5005 built under the scheme with current feedback, ensuring compatibility with a variety of loads and uniform frequency response. In the power supply apparatus installed shielded transformer excess capacity, and input cascades is built on a proprietary HDAM modules (SA2, SA3). In the most important from the point of view of the quality of the sound parts of the amplifier circuit set selected audiophile-grade components. Marantz PM5005 draws up to 55 watts when working into 4-Ohm loads and can be used for scoring of premises average size. The device is perfectly compatible with most popular brands of speakers (both bookshelf and compact outdoor) and will be the basis of a quality stereo system.

Features stereo amplifier, Marantz PM5005

The gain on the company's HDAM modules
Built-in MM Phono stage
The ability to connect two pairs of speakers
The remote control Marantz RC002PMCD included

Features stereo amplifier, Marantz PM5005

The number of channels2
Power2 x 40 watts (8 Ohms), 2 x 55 W (4 ohms)>
THD0,01 %
The damping ratio100
Input sensitivity/impedanceOf 2.2 mV/47 kOhm (Phono), 200 mV/20 kOhm (linear)
Frequency range10 Hz – 50 kHz ( 0, -1 dB)
The signal-to-noise 83 dB (Phono), 103 dB (linear signal)
Tone adjustment Bass, treble ( /- 10dB)
InputsPhono, CD, Tuner, Network, Recorder 2, the control system
Outputs 2 Recorder, headphone, control system, 2 pairs speakers
Power consumption110 W
Minimal power consumption in standby mode0.3 W
Dimensions (WxHxD)440 x 105 x 370 mm
Weight6.7 kg

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