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The Marantz PM5004 amplifier, in case of permanently high quality of sounding, will provide excellent performance and simple management, thus cost will be low. The original and laconic design of the device, will allow to enter the equipment in design of any room originally. The Marantz PM5004 amplifier provides output capacity on 40 W on each of channels, in case of the uniform frequency characteristic in the range of 10 Hz – 50 000 Hz. The model is equipped with several analog entrances, an analog output and a separate exit for earphones. The weight of the amplifier will constitute about 6.7 kg. Increase in feedback - known, the Marantz Original technology.
The technology of the Marantz PM5004 amplifier corresponds to a set of requirements necessary for a wide pass-band of audio of the extra quality.
Marantz PM5004 (Marantz Original-feedback technology) it is capable to support compensation of a phase through (NFB) minimizing negative responses. It allows to achieve the high level of sound transparency for all pass-band. Unlike standard technology of strengthening of feedback, instant tension is done by the amplifier tolerant to external loading (loudspeakers). The exclusive attention was paid by designers to the entrance channel of a CD disk ideally compatible to output audio the channel of the Marantz CD5004 player.
Considerable upgrade components audio-тракта:Schotty underwent to Diodes (Schottky's diodes), condensers etc.
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