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  • Amplifier Arcam FMJ A49
  • Amplifier Arcam FMJ A49
  • Amplifier Arcam FMJ A49

Description of Arcam FMJ A49 stereo amplifier

The most powerful integralni in the line of Arcam - FMJ A49 is made in solid metal casing high altitude, which underlines its potential in comparison with other models in the series. The case has a special cushioning to protect electronic circuits from mechanical vibrations, and on its front panel are the controls of all functions of the device, and a headphone output.

Output stages operate Arcam FMJ A49 class G with use of multiple power sources – this ensures their high efficiency in combination with first-class sound. The first 50 watt power amplifier develops in class A, while its full value when working on an 8 Ohm load is 200 watts. Output stages of the amplifier consists of parallel connected discrete transistors, which provides good thermal stability and minimal distortion. To ensure the ends of the required energy provided a powerful power supply toroidal transformer 1500VA with the significant filter capacitors of the total capacity. Arcam FMJ A49 is equipped with gold plated screw terminals for two pairs of speakers that can also be used to connect speaker systems according to the scheme Bi-wiring.

Of course, High-End integrated amplifier capacity mainly depends on the input section. The amplifier uses audiophile-grade components and high-stability precision resistors. The preamp in the Arcam FMJ A49 is manufactured on a four layer PCB with separate layers of earth and power, and is powered by a separate toroidal transformer with ten independent voltage regulators. The device operates in the balanced mode. Unbalanced input signals are converted to balanced type immediately after admission to the amplifier. Electronic volume control built on a dual mono based staircase switch, wherein each channel uses a dual chip enable in anti-phase to reduce harmonic distortion. Also Arcam FMJ A49 is equipped with high quality built-in MM-phoneconnector and amplifier headphone.

Features of Arcam FMJ A49 stereo amplifier

Balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs
The gain of the class-G high output power.
Input for turntable

Specifications of the Arcam FMJ A49 stereo amplifier

Output power2 x 200 watts (8 Ohms), 400t (4 Ohms, one channel)
Frequency range20 Hz to 20,000 Hz (line input /- 0.05 dB)
The ratio signal/noise more than 105 dB (line), 80 dB (Phono input)
THDless than 0.001% (1 kHz)
InputsXLR, 6 RCA, Phono
OutputsRec, Pre-Out, headphone, two 12-In trigger on 4 pairs of speaker systems, 6 In, 12 In (rDAC)
Adjustment of stereoballsthere
The sensitivity of the inputs5 mV (Phono), 1 In (RCA), 2V (XLR)
Input impedance47 kOhm/270 pF (Phono), 10 kOhm (RCA), 200 Ohms (XLR)
Impedance headphones16 Ohms – 2 ohms
Permissible overload MM input20 dB
Power consumption1000 watts (maximum)
Dimensions (WxHxD)432 x 171 x 425 mm
Weight19,7 kg

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