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The Anthem Integrated 225 amplifier is constructed according to the symmetric scheme with use of high-quality accessories. The built-in phonoproofreader (MM) and the disconnected tembroblok is available. The DU panel is included in the delivery package.

Design of the integrated Anthem Integrated 225 amplifier
In translation from English the name of this brand means "anthem". Judging by appearance and equipment, it is the anthem of solidity. The device impressive dimensions, on the forward panel has regulators not only loudness, but timbres and even balance. For persons interested to direct a signal on the shortest way the mode Defeat Top is provided. In the left half of a facade the source choice zone - seven buttons providing direct access to any entrance is located (including Phono for a cartridge of MM or MS and balance on two nests of XLR). The end-to-end channel is realized for all sources by means of Rec Out exit on the back panel. It is reasonable to connect the device of record to Recorder entrance - when it is active, the exit of Rec Out is disconnected (why to the tape recorder to write down own output signal?). One more, eighth entrance is removed on a facade in the mini-jack format (3,5 mm) and intended for a portable player.
By means of the RS-232 interface the amplifier it is possible to build in a multiroom management system. For the same purpose inputs and outputs of the trigger of 12 V and the external IK-transmitter serve. Under a cowl the toroidal transformer of the latest generation working for two filtering condensers of Japanese firm Nichion having total reservoir 30000 mcF is located. Preliminary amplifiers are powered from chains of accurately stabilized ±15 V. V tension the Standby mode the third, additional chain of stabilization works. The amplifier of capacity represents completely symmetric scheme with the bipolar transistors working in class AVATARS and on their each canal is established on three couples. It allows to reduce considerably misstatements, to increase linearity of strengthening and to minimize general energy consumption. Powerful radiators provide effective heat removal.

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